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2022 NSPCB Calendar

Each month of the spiral-bound wall calendar features an 8" x 11" photo of one or more bridges taken by our members with historic photos from the Society's collection. Captions include brief descriptions of each bridge.  This year's calendar also includes a page celebrating the 60+ year career of Arnold Graton.

Order yours today! $13 by mail to U.S. addresses or $10 at our meetings and events.

Use the "Add to Cart" button below to pay by PayPal or send a check or money order made out to NSPCB to Jennifer Caswell, 535 Second NH Tpke, Hillsboro, NH  03244.

January - Kintersburg Bridge (PA/38-32-05), Pennsylvania. calendar cover

February - Dixon Branch Bridge (OH/35-68-04), Ohio.

March - Cilleyville or Bog Bridge (NH/29-07-01), New Hampshire.

April - Rexleigh Bridge (NY/32-58-03#2), New York.

May - Celebration of Arnold Graton's 60+ year career.

June - West Cornwall Bridge (CT/07-03-02), Connecticut

July - Bissell Bridge (MA/21-06-04#2), Massachusetts.

August - Stoughton or Titcomb Bridge (VT/45-14-04), Vermont.

September - Cumberland or New Cumberland Bridge (IN/14-27-01), Indiana.

October - Cambridge Junction or Poland or Station or Kissing Bridge (VT/45-08-02), Vermont.

November - Spencerville Bridge (IN/14-17-01), Indiana.

December - Owens or Red Bridge (IA/15-77-01), Iowa.

January 2023 - European Howe Truss Bridges.